The holist approach to wellbeing is not just based on the model of Body/Mind/Spirit. It does however, look at the person at every relevant level whilst not ignoring any level that is salient. Did you know that within this mix of Body/Mind & Spirit, there's also a compartment known as DNA, genetics and biochemistry? Have you ever tried to offer a piece of commonsense to a person who's drunk, stoned or going through a depressive episode? Difficult isn't it? So if DNA, genetics & biochemistry is a paradigm in itself, where does it fit into the sequence? Furthermore, how can it be measured, then interpreted and finally treated with results that are evident to the person himself/herself and to those around him/her?

Well, let me now add this: the sequence I'm painting is that the Body sits at the bottom; the Mind occupies the next position above; the DNA/Genetics/Biochemistry compartment is next; and the Spiritual level is uppermost as this involves your relationship with God (assuming that God really is the alpha and the omega - beginning and the end - so who are we to argue with Him?). So in short, we now have Body/Mind/Biochemistry & DNA/Spirit. Whether or not you don't feel well or are out of control with certain aspects of your behaviour; once it has been determined through diagnostic assessments or testing, the next thing to consider is that you mustn't feel guilty about it! Because it simply isn't your fault! At the time you arrive at the practitioner's doorstep and are placing your trust in his hands, your allergy, deficiency, toxicology or reaction from drugs (if that has been the case) is about to be reversed; if not in full, then at least in part; until every last variable has been sleuthed out. But at that point, you must not hold onto guilt.

Time? The time that it takes for one to start feeling better with the correct treatment can vary from 2 days to a month. The therapy may involve a dietary alteration. It may involve supplements or nutrients. It could involve a herb; or a companion substance like a particular kind of fish oil.

What am I meant to see? Essentially, the client notices an improvement in 2 areas; self-awareness and self-control. In the wash of this, the client notices that the symptoms of complaint are either less frequent or less severe. Through improved self awareness and self-control, he/she has laid down a platform upon which he/she can now engineer self worth and self esteem. Counselling is very useful at that point. Hypnotherapy can accelerate change at a faster rate of course. Further sessions of hypnotherapy can even help a client 'get on a roll' as well as fragment any past 'vicious circle'. Ultimately, self-hypnosis can be taught quite easily.

Remember, if you've already tried a 'Mind' approach to resolving issues like fears, phobias, anger, shyness, self-consciousness, obsessions, gambling, mood shifts whilst quitting smoking/alcohol/drugs, ADD, ADHD, denial, insomnia, fatigue etc., and have had little success, it might be time to look at your own Biochemistry/Genetic markers perhaps? Many a relieved individual has remarked, "I wish I'd come years ago for this...!"

Did you know that one quarter of the world's population suffers from a combination of lactose intolerance/inability to process vitamin A/big teeth fitted into small jaws ie. us Chinese? Even people in a western society can lack the ability to produce enough vitamin B3 which culminates in high cholesterol and blood pressure amongst other things.