HOPE Practitioners

The following is a list of all HOPE member practitioners:

  • Hypnotherapist

    HYPNOTHERAPY:- It's tool of your subconscious which is a storehouse of all our habits, routines, significant events fears good and bad. This tool helps you to modify or eliminate unwanted aspects of your behaviour. It can even be used to identify the circumstances of an incident. Mostly, it's used to treat smoking, drugs, eating, confidence, fears, insomnia, moods of depression or anxiety. Terry Tung-Yep can teach you to do it yourself and stay perfectly in control.

  • Life Coach


  • Naturopath

    Naturopathic healthcare is a holistic approach to the individual and their concerns. Time is taken to fully understand the issues and provide the most effective treatments.

  • NLP (neurolinguistic programming)

    NLP or neurolinguistic programming deals with the relationships between how we think (neuro), how we communicate with ourselves and others (linguistic) and our habitual behaviours and emotions (programming).

  • Nutritionist

    Nutrition is the study of how food affects the body and the best ways to achieve and maintain health and vitality through food. Healthy choices ensure that we get enough nutrients from our food (such as vitamins and minerals), to keep the body functioning well.

    What we eat affects our ability to study, work, do sport, be happy and to enjoy and get the most out of life. Knowledge of what to eat and in what quantities is an essential ingredient to a healthy and happy life.

    Nutritional Medicine promotes a pro-active approach to health by focusing on prevention of disease as well as treatment of disease conditions.

Other Recommended Health Professionals (not members of HOPE)

  • Personal Trainer

    Denver operates a holistic Personal Training business his motto, Looking Good and Feeling Great.

  • Holistic Dentist

    Dr John Wells practices Holistic Dentistry. Simply Beautiful Smiles: his motto is exceptional dentistry, exceptional care.