Life Coaching

Coaching is the combination of several modalities (Behavioural Change techniques, Mind Training, NLP) into one model which can help individuals, couples or businesses to focus on and attain their goals.

YOU are your greatest resource. Coaching will help you to take personal responsibility in the pursuit and attainment of any reachable goals and dreams. The skills that you'll learn through coaching will show you how to use your mind in new ways so that you can achieve the things you desire; and especially need. Using self hypnosis and/or NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and/or anchoring, you can learn how to communicate with your subconscious mind and take control of so many aspects of your life. As in Christianity, faith is the greatest helper and healer. And as in Christianity, God (Yaweh) is the Creator of your subconscious and the Instigator of how you process and progress.

You can release all the emotional blocks and limiting decisions/guilt/insecurity/self-consciousness/fears that are holding you back and then attain goals within your new life. Individual sessions are tailored to your needs, helping you to move forwards faster!

Regular meetings allow you to address issues as they arise and give you total control over the process. Conflict resolution strategies become simplified.

Our Results Coach Terry Tung-Yep, is passionate about helping people to get the results they want, but especially need. You can gain further information through contacting Terry at EARLWOOD on 9558 0049 or mobile on 0416 214 699 7 days/week. E-mail via

Motto:- "We are both Life Coaches together - We are both Life Students together!"